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Discussion on: Level up your JavaScript browser logs with these console.log() tips

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You wrote: "Don’t use console.log() Instead, write a wrapper class..."

Console.log()/table()/etc... print in console place (filename and string number) where was he called.
If wrap console.log() in class in console always printing file and string number where console.log() is live in Log class!!. How can I know without additional params where log() was called?

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Ackshaey Author

Good question, which drives home the reason why this tip was listed under the production logging section and not development or debugging. The question you'd need to ask yourself is how useful is it to have that extra file:line link there? If you're doing things right and have compressed / minified your app's assets in production you're likely not going to find the location link useful anyway - instead your log messages should have all the info you need to identify where the log is emitted from and be actionable. Also keep in mind that console.trace() will still have the entire stack trace one level down even when invoked from a wrapper.