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Sounds like you need to start working on simplifying the problem before you can start simplifying the solution.

I say that 👆🏽 because your title question was "how to manage deployment configs?" with emphasis on managing the configuration files, which in my opinion in itself is an interesting problem.

But as I read further it sounds more like the real question is... How do you perform multi-cloud deployments with various tooling and tech with a small team?

And... if that's the problem at hand then:

  • Complex solution: spinnaker might be a viable option, but it adds yet another tech layer to learn and use. Definitely solves multi-cloud deployments at scale, the tradeoff is... probably not the best fit for a "small team" (small being relative 🤷🏽‍♂️. I have no idea what you mean by small 3 or 300 people). Spinnaker can be a job in itself-- deploying, maintaining, and admining.

  • Quick solution: Hire or promote more people to be SME (subject matter experts) for each respective cloud and tech stack deployment. I say quick because I think of this more as a short term solution to either get things stable or to buy more time for business reasons. But personally in my opinion, the ROI of man power to productivity is a bad tradeoff. Plus more cooks in the kitchen and all that... which has high potential of creating more problems especially over time. I think of this more as a bandaid and is dependent on circumstance of time and resources.

  • Simple solution: Prune cloud support, prune tooling and technologies. I understand this is wayyy easier said than done--incredibly hard to implement/migrate to... but if you don't foresee an increase in man power (people count) you would see a a huge ROI on people to productivity and quality deployments.


Hmm might be lack of clarity on my part. It is still mainly a "config" issue more than a multi-cloud issue.

The multi-cloud part just multiplies the problem by forcing multiple tools to be used.

X servers, with their IP and configs (like certificates), needing to be passed along to Y servers in another cloud environment. The problem between the permutation and combination of configuration settings of X*Y*Z, would still have a problem (abit greatly simplified) if it's within a single cloud provider on a larger scale.


Ah gotcha...

Yes as aforementioned 👇🏽

"with emphasis on managing the configuration files, which in my opinion in itself is an interesting problem."

So far "generally" speaking yaml files with interpolation is a safe suggestion. Otherwise there's always machine learning to predict the interpolation 😆

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