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re: In you're last example, you use 'get' in addition to static. What does that really do? I've seen it a lot and used it a little, but how does it mak...

Without the static, you have to instantiate the class before you will be able to access the getter.


right. I was asking about what the getter is doing in-general. I'm sure it's something, but what?

The getter is just another syntactic-sugar to reach into objects. It's equivalent to using the dot notation like person.name but it provides the ability for you to:

  • watch when objects are being accessed (in general, this is how Vue.js detects changes)
  • dynamically create return objects

It enables you to do both of those without changing the syntax.

Getters are usually used to create dynamic properties because it is a function you can write logic e.g you can read value of a property from a file or from database.


It might just be better to create an object straight up in that instance.

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