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Discussion on: Choosing PHP in 2018

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If you have been using PHP, write a comment about it so everyone can see the cool stuff you are building with it!

At my current company the core services are all written in PHP. We have API's, sites, jobs, daemons, sockets, etc. We even have services still running after six or seven years (untouched for the most part) and we recently finished a new product using the venerable Symfony project. In my experience, which significantly leans towards many years of PHP work, it's a great language to work in and build upon. (We do however also rock Java, Python, NodeJs, Ruby in specific places where those languages or features of them held more value to a project than defaulting to PHP. )

So yeah, there is plenty to still like and be excited about with PHP in 2018! As developers have matured around PHP over these years, there continues to be really solid foundation of experience and community to be a part of.

My journey has taught me that there are many many many amazing tools and languages out there and the more opportunity you have to expose yourself to them better informed your decisions will become.

I hate to generalize too much, however I'll allow it this time... I do suspect that some of the discourse against PHP is coming from people who identify with a specific language or use case; which leads them to take the defensive stances against PHP. Instead of a perspective it becomes dogma to them, built into a belief system of sorts. Making it more challenging to discuss a differing perspective or opinion.

So in conclusion, PHP is a great language to build something with; get out there and make something!