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S1:E4 - TypeScript 4.0, Gitee, Chromium, and Apple Drama

In this episode, we talk more about Apple’s ongoing App Store drama, a proposal to let Chromium talk to your local network, and Gitee, the GitHub of China. We also speak with Nathan Shively-Sanders and Orta Therox, engineers on the TypeScript team, about the newest version of TypeScript, version 4.0.

Show Notes

Nathan Shively-Sanders

Nathan Shively-Sanders is an engineer at Microsoft working on the Typescript team. He's worked on compilers for almost 10 years, most recently on Javascript support in the Typescript compiler, and Definitely Typed.

Orta Therox

Orta Therox is an engineer on the TypeScript team with a long history of OSS.

Episode source

angeloanolin profile image
Angelo Anolin

Microsoft has really been making a lot of positive news in the developer community with Typescript. I think it is high time that I adopt TS with open arms and leverage the benefits of using the language in the front end side of my applications.

henrybarreto profile image
Henry Barreto

When I hear about Typescript at first time, I knew it would be a game changer and now the Microsoft is making happen.

ssiddhantsharma profile image
Siddhant Sharma

I thoroughly enjoyed listening to how typescript is a game changer while at work. Would recommend this and the series to my co-workers too!