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S2:E6 - Salesforce’s Slackquisition, PHP 8.0, Amazon Sidewalk, and Computer Fraud and Abuse Act

In this episode, we talk about Amazon Sidewalk, and SaleForce’s acquisition of Slack. Then we speak with Jerry Gamblin, Manager of Security and Compliance at Kenna Security, about the U.S. Supreme Court hearing arguments this week about the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act, which has major implications for ethical hackers. Finally, we chat with Sara Golemon, Core Developer and Release Manager on the PHP team, about the new release of PHP 8.0.

Show Notes

Jerry Gamblin

Jerry Gamblin is a security and compliance manager at Kenna Security. He is an influential security researcher and analyst, focusing on the enterprise network and application security with over 15 years of experience. His research has been presented on numerous blogs, podcasts, and security conferences. When not at work, his personal research focuses on IoT & embedded automotive systems.

Sara Golemon

Sara Golemon is a core developer and release manager on the PHP team, and a platforms engineer at MongoDB.

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tohmeewa profile image

I didn't know Salesforce own heroku, but damn 27 billion dollars is freaking much ......
Ssshh ,hacker don't push to development.

Unauthorized access, CFA violation it really a bad tho
Some of the examples Jerry Gamblin made are some of things I do daily. sighs