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S6:E8 - The Web3 Debate and the World’s First Organic Reproducing Robots

In this episode, we talk about some criticisms of web3, which Tesla CEO Elon Musk, and Twitter co-founder Jack Dorsey wrote this week, and then we’ll speak to Samina Kabir, developer advocate at Decentology and Niharika Singh, product manager at Decentology, a web3 company about what in the world web3 is and their perspectives on it. Then we’ll speak with Sam Kriegman, postdoctoral fellow at Harvard and Tufts about his research with the world’s first reproducing organic robots.

Show Notes

Samina Kabir

Samina is a Developer Advocate at Decentology on a mission to make it easier for beginner developers to learn about and build in Web3 through the Hyperverse. She is passionate about Decentralized Finance and DAOs and how they will increase equity across the globe. Samina contributes to organizations such as Developer DAO, TryCrypto, and CodeClubs in the intersections of community building and education.

Niharika Singh

Niharika Singh is a passionate web3 technologist, an avid learner, and a community educator. Singh has been active in the blockchain industry since 2017. Currently, as a product manager at Decentology, her focus is on shaping the future of Hyperverse, a platform that helps web2 devs transition into web3 seamlessly. In addition to her role at Decentology, Singh is also an active contributor to DAOs such as TryCrypto Collective and ScribeDAO.

Sam Kriegman

Sam Kriegman is a computer scientist using AI to create new kinds of robots as well as engineered organisms called xenobots.

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Ayush Deb

Got much clarity on Web2 and Web3