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CTA Button Progress


Some difficulties my group has experienced during this project is prioritizing our button features and understanding what elements are realistic and not. We are creating a Halloween button, so the options are limitless. When we were brainstorming we had some disagreements on what was important and what was complex. Our group has also had some difficulty finding time outside of class to meet up and work on the project. Luckily, this has been resolved. A couple of us are completely new to web development concepts so everything seems so complicated at first. Our group has worked through these issues and we feel comfortable on our progress.


I have been really impressed with our group's creativity. With spooky season coming up, it is so exciting to create a Halloween themed button. Brainstorming has been so much fun and there are so many cool elements we can incorporate into the button! I have enjoyed the learning experience of this project and I have impressed myself with how quickly I can understand the topics. Going over a quick button creation demo was a huge help. The demo helped my group figure out the best way to get started and answered out questions!

Button Progress

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