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Discussion on: Is a Redis ORM a Horrible Idea?

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Dian Fay

Did you introduce Redis because you were having a performance issue specifically with JSON blobs being stored in MySQL? If that's the case I would look back before looking forward: if your data can be expanded into relations and indexed you might not need a second database at all (and even in MySQL you can index generated columns sourced from JSON, should you need to).

Outside that, you build the tooling you need! If someone else has gotten 80 or 90% of the way there, maybe don't bother starting from scratch. And since Redis is a key-value store rather than a relational database it won't, strictly speaking, be an O/RM -- but that's a good thing.

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Dylan Anthony Author

I clarified a bit in an edit since I clearly implied exactly what you were saying- JSON in MySQL. That isn't what we were doing, but that would have definitely been a problem! You're certainly right in that if we go forward with better Redis tooling we'll look at forking / expanding an existing package before writing one from scratch. Just depends on how much rewriting we'd have to do.