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Discussion on: Has VS Code got worse recently?

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Are you using vanilla VS Code without any extensions running? Sometimes linting can be a problem if you have two different linters running at once on the same file. You can also easily get clashes in Autocomplete / tooltip hints just by having 2 different plugins fighting over control of it.

I try to avoid plugin bundles that seem to put dozens of plugins in, as they will sometimes clash with others that I'm running. I'm really picky about what plugins I install to try and keep VSCode optimized. Luckily you can specify what projects run which plugins, so it's easier to do this. For example, there's no need for Angular helper plugins to run on a Python project.

VSCode is great because it's so customisable, but with great power comes great responsibility and it's so easy to trash your setup with a dodgy config file, so maybe try deactivating it and see what happens. Good luck!

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David Johnston Author

I do have a bunch of VSCode plugins running. Imma try strip it back see if that helps.