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I don't think the intention is to add a general purpose GC to WASM because GC implementations vary significantly based on language characteristics. I believe they intend to introduce GC primitives from which a GC can be implemented.

An Elm specific GC would actually be pretty simple as I understand it, thanks to all the assumptions that can be made with a pure, functional, eagerly evaluated language.


I'd also assume that what's called garbage collection here is due to the conclusion that if JavaScript needs one Elm will also need one.

Some years ago I wrote a PostScript interpreter and quite a while it worked very well without a garbage collector - all was done with reference counting. Apple shows with ARC (Automatic Reference Counting) that even a language much more complex than ELM can work without GC.

So as long as you don't have cyclic references reference counting should do the trick.


Ahh, you're right. I didn't read the proposal properly. That's actually better though =)

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