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Discussion on: freeCodeCamp's Drum Machine project built in Elm

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Dwayne Crooks Author

I've skimmed PureScript By Example, but it seemed outdated for the version of the language I was using.

For me that was fine because I was reading it more for the ideas than for using the ideas in PureScript specifically. For e.g. I've tried learning Haskell in the past but the books and tutorials can be so dense you miss the point completely. I've found that with this new wave of languages like Elm, PureScript, Rust etc they try to reach a less academic audience which causes the writing to be more approachable. It's one of the reasons why I'm now able to grok Haskell and typed functional programming in general.

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Ben Lovy

Totally agreed re: Haskell. You don't need a degree in category theory to use it at all, but it feels like you need one to learn it.