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Here at work we tried cypress... and after running into it's limitations, we switched to testcafe.
Testcafe is browser agnostic (works on all of them even esoteric ones thanks to it's proxy impl).
Cypress is overrated


What are the limitations of Cypress, apart from it not being cross-browser? I'm asking because I've used TestCafe for a bit, but I'm curious about Cypress ...


Speaking from my experience when creating a POC, we couldn't use it because

  • it's Chrome/Electron only
  • each test is bound to a single origin
  • no support for multiple tabs

I will say, it was easy to use, write tests, and it was awesome to see its output. It really would've made developers hate functional tests a lot less. ymmv

Right ... point 1 (Chrome only) is a known issue, if you need cross browser testing then it's a no-go. Point 2 and 3 are indeed documented in their official docs:

I guess there's a large number of projects where these limitations are not a showstopper, but if you do need these particular features, well yes then Cypress is indeed not an option.

TestCafe with its "proxy" architecture is probably just a bit more flexible, OTOH for a very large percentage of projects you may not need that flexibility ... ymmv indeed.

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