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Why aren't all videos monetized on YouTube?

ellahoward07 profile image EllaHoward07 ・1 min read

You can start your monetization program when you have 4,000 hours of general watch time on your channel during this year and have at least 1,000 subscribers. this article reveals profound information about YouTube monetization.

To have your videos monetized simply adhere to certain guidelines:

•Create the video yourself. It tends to be day by day video blogs and home recordings, D.I.Y, unique music recordings, and unique short movies.

•Make sure you own all the essential rights to monetarily utilize all visuals made by you.

•Keep as a top priority that advertisers promote their products on advertiser-friendly content.

Therefore, if you follow all of these rules implementing your monetization program, your content has to be monetized. However, not only YouTube has its monetization platform, there is, for example, Vlogbox ( which generates a higher level of revenue share than YouTube.

Hope I’ve helped you. Glad to answer any additional questions.

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