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I did not mean to replace git, as I said i'm using it to version control my code, not my environment

I know about docker-compose and ssh keys but I want to write this blog post for the average user, so I left it behind

And about using root I agree when it comes to "real" servers, when we talk about dockers you can in a single command restore it and so nothing bad can happen

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I agree you should never blog how to do something insecurely by default just because it's easier. That's why the state of security is the way it is, and why all PHP coders suck.

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Dor Shinar

All PHP codes suck? That's quite harsh. Most of the internet is written in PHP (including most of what Facebook makes). I think that's an offensive generalization. As eranelbaz said, he only uses it for local development. I think that as long as your shared environments (staging, production etc.) Are properly secured, setting up local unsecured docker is pretty much like running a local instance of your application with root. No harm, as no one has access to it but you.

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iBNu Maksum

Most of non PHP coders said PHP Coders are suck, because most of the job ask for PHP.

What's the most secure programming language?

It's all depend on Developer, not the programming language