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I pay $10 month so that I can self-host email for my family. Could probably go cheaper, but, at this point, I'm mostly paying to have enough disk-space to store 20 years worth of email for four people. :p


My current email is @my-domain-name.com but it is free. I used Zoho mail at the backend.


I self-host because - even without my family - I have 500+ discreet <USER>@<DOMAIN> addresses. Most mail-hosters limit the number of "aliases" you have to something well below my needs and, while many mail-hosters support <USER>+<TOKEN>@<DOMAIN> addresses to extend your aliasing, many sites you'd want to sign up with don't think they're valid addresses. Thus, I'm kind of stuck with self-hosting (with the side benefit that a mail-hoster can't scan my emails for targeted-advertising).

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