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Discussion on: Refactoring Legacy Monoliths - Part 1: First Steps

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Nice post. I wish I would have one of this readings many years ago. I've been developing in PHP using what I learned in college since 2001 (I'm 39 years old) and back then my only tools where the PHP documentation and a text editor. All I could wrote was monolithic code and, embarrasingly, I´ve been doing that for the last 17 years.
As of today, I know what a framework is, what the MVC stack means and their benefits. I´ve changed mi mind thanks to some of my frineds who showed me a better way of coding and now I´m on a new train with new (better) concepts and a refreshed mind about how to make my daily job, which turns out to be my passion, so I feel again I´m just enjoying my hobby again.
Thanks for the post.

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James Hickey Author

Thanks for the comment! Drop me a message if you ever have questions etc. :)