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Discussion on: On upcoming PHP deadlines

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Frank Lämmer Author

Maybe we have a tunnel vision? We run a PHP hosting platform and we see indeed much new and interesting stuff. Laravel, Craft CMS and the new PHP versions.

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Károly Balogh

I think anyone who primarily moves in a domain misses things from a big perspective. It happens to me in my domains too. I didn't claim there weren't new things happening in PHP, it's just i still remember from 10 years ago, when PHP was THE web backend language, which landscape is much more colorful now, with a lot of PHP code left in legacy status. This is what I see anyway.

It's also the inherent conflict of makers, who love to move fast and break things (and this attitude enabled a lot of things, and had many benefits, don't get me wrong) and the maintainers, who are left with the broken things to care for, and from that view nothing is scarier/more worrying than a new version "with many exciting new changes". :) So I just wanted to add these two cents.