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Discussion on: 😲 Angular pages with Dynamic layouts!

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Is this not possible, if you put login component outside of main components... Means, one shell component having all other components and login component is alone..

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Michael "lampe" Lazarski Author

I'm not sure if I understand your comment correctly 🤔

In general this is just an example.
Imagine you would have a login, register, reset password and new password component. Now you would use the same layout for all of them.

Now you want to have your logo in all 4 of them on the top right. You could change this simple in the layout file.

The same goes for the other component. In the example, we just have the dashboard but almost every other page could be in this layout.

Maybe you will need another layout for fullscreen pages without the menu.

So this is more like a starter for your app/page 😊