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Discussion on: Fast & easy... React states management in one function

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Fabio Russo Author

There’s a warning about rerendering... and me asking for suggestions ✌🏻

Sorry if it’s not perfect, I’m here for learning too.

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Patrick Roza

No worries, just wanted to chip in. Somehow dont see a note about rerender, I'm on mobile, perhaps some caching going on.

I like the alternative via name prop for input elements, or a custom data prop, as I wrote in the other comment thread.

Alternatively, I would still create a function property per onChange handler, but create and use a reusable function to limit the repetitiveness to the bare minimum.

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André Costa Lima

You can create a curried function and then memoize it. 😉 It should work! Have a look at Lodash's curry and memoize functions.