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I have the same issue everything is computer centered. Work, reading, learning, media, games ... everything. So here are my 2 cents:

Back in the old days before the ... pandemic, I made a point to go out with friends for beer or coffee and talk politics, catch up in person and not on social media or on the phone, and of course checking out the people that go by is always fun.

Meetups, especially non IT related ones will help get you out of the house and make friends. For me it's my local expat meeting, and foreign language practice meetups but you do you depending on your hobbies / interests.

Reading a physical books has helped rest my eyes from screens and an in person book club has been a good way to socialize too.

A very good way to force me to get out of the house was to spend money on an outdoor hobby so that I would feel obligated to do it. I bought a bike ( pedal not dead dino powered ) so then I made a point to use it at least every weekend and now it's become part of my routine and I enjoy it. If you go this route though make sure you like the activity before hand though.


wow thank you man. I think I'm gonna check foreign languages meetups. And the bike thing seems a pretty good idea. The thing with physical books is that I can't read them at home, I used to read when commuting but I'm working remote now, even after the pandemic. Thank you man, I appreciate it.

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