Struggling to get away from computers

belhassen07 profile image Belhassen Chelbi ・1 min read

Everything I do, I do with a computer. I design, I code, I learn things and I entertain myself with a computer. This can be good but I'm on my computer all the time.

I go the GYM, anything else I can do to get away ? Did you struggle to get away too? If you overcame this, how did you do it?


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I was under the same boat just a week ago!

I'm a programmer, and I like playing computer games. So most of my time is spent in front of a computer. After working, I used to just take a short break and then go play games to destress/relax.

Eventually my head/eyes started hurting so bad so I knew I had to do something differently. So I decided to pick up a new hobby that would provide me the relaxation and destressing playing computer games. That's when I started picking up my dusty guitar.

One of the challenges was that it was hard to shift your mind to enjoy anything other than the screen, especially if you've been doing it for so long. But power through it, and learn to find achievements in the new hobby that you pick. This will give you a dopamine boost and will make it easier to shift from having to always be on-screen to being free from that desire.


I have a piano that I'm not using these days, I gotta go back to it. And I need to go out more often.


Sounds great! Plus taking a walk clears the mind so that's two wins for you


I have the same issue everything is computer centered. Work, reading, learning, media, games ... everything. So here are my 2 cents:

Back in the old days before the ... pandemic, I made a point to go out with friends for beer or coffee and talk politics, catch up in person and not on social media or on the phone, and of course checking out the people that go by is always fun.

Meetups, especially non IT related ones will help get you out of the house and make friends. For me it's my local expat meeting, and foreign language practice meetups but you do you depending on your hobbies / interests.

Reading a physical books has helped rest my eyes from screens and an in person book club has been a good way to socialize too.

A very good way to force me to get out of the house was to spend money on an outdoor hobby so that I would feel obligated to do it. I bought a bike ( pedal not dead dino powered ) so then I made a point to use it at least every weekend and now it's become part of my routine and I enjoy it. If you go this route though make sure you like the activity before hand though.


wow thank you man. I think I'm gonna check foreign languages meetups. And the bike thing seems a pretty good idea. The thing with physical books is that I can't read them at home, I used to read when commuting but I'm working remote now, even after the pandemic. Thank you man, I appreciate it.


Pick up outdoor activities / hobbies: jogging, walking, photography, swimming.

Ideally it is good to limit screen-time for the eyes so look at going to a local cafe and reading a real physical book or just go there and enjoying the coffee and watching (and judging) people passing by.

Organize activities with friends or sometimes yourself (bowling, darts, snooker, etc.) you don't need to be good at it but is a way to change it up.

Look into board games with friends if you don't have any friends available a lot of cities are seeing the trend of board game cafe where you can play with random people.

On my end I always hated and thought darts was stupid. After going there with colleagues every Friday night with some beer. Turns out it gets pretty fun and even turned out that I'm not half as bad as I imagined.


Nice advices buddy, thank you. Loved that "(and judging)" bit hahaha.


I've started reading paperbacks after work for about an hour or more, just to have a break from the screens.

Closing laptop after work then immediately reopening it to enjoy the weekend


Yeah, I think I gotta shift my learning from digital resources.