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What are your favorite privacy tools

What tools do you use on a daily basis to protect your privacy online and / or make your life a bit easier when dealing with spam and safe browsing?

My personal list:

SimpleLogin (note: I work with them, hence a bit biased, but it's amazing!), to create email aliases for each service I subscribe to. Easy kill switch;

BitWarden, to store all my passwords on Mac and iPhone. I used LastPass in the past but BitWarden is open-source;

Sync, my favorite end-to-end encrypted cloud storage. I use it to store sensitive documents I wouldn't trust Google or Amazon with. Most of my photos and non-sensitive information is still there, though, and I'm working on it;

Wise Bank, which in the UK provides throwaway cards (unlimited, for free), kinda like in the UK. I pay with those online so I can't "forget" to unsubscribe from a trial or stop paying a software as the card literally won't exist anymore;

Apple, I switched to Mac and iPhone (not for privacy reasons, though) and I believe their OS is more secure and private. I used Linux in the past, but I think it comes to a point when we have to choose if convenience can sometimes be more important than absolute privacy, and here's my personal cross line. I wouldn't use Linux just because it's safer, it just makes my day-to-day job too much harder.

What about you? :) Which ones do you use?

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