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Discussion on: Portfolio Review

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Guillaume Martigny

Hello Nicole,
Try to run LightHouse (embed in Chrome console) and address the issues.

The main issue I had with you site is loading time. Your images are too heavy. Try crop them to the exact size you display them and run them through tinyPng/tinyJpg. You can also use the free caching of CloudFlare.

Next thing is, you're not using HTTPS. It can be harder to achieve depending on your hosting. But today's browser warn user when entering non-secure website.

Last (but don't have to be least), you didn't have set a favicon. Recruiters bookmarking your site won't have the nice little icon reminding them what your site looks like.

Overall, good design (nitpick: not sure about some contrasts). Parallax effect is always a nice touch and I like that you don't have too much informations.

Keep on the good work ;)

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Nicole Saunders 💻🌹 Author

Thanks! I’ll definitely look into these things 😊