Using Secrets in Google Cloud Functions

Dustin Ingram on April 25, 2019

Google Cloud Functions makes it easy to add environment variables. This post will show you how you can use the Google Cloud Key Management Service ... [Read Full]
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Hi Dustin, thanks for the post, is awesome!. Just a little fix. On the cloud shell command it needs to be pip3 as the python3 version that is used afterwards.

And I think the resource_name doesnt need the plus sign at the end

Thanks again!


This is fantastic, thank you v. much Dustin.
Not sure if others will run into the same, but I had to explicitly grant permissions to enable KMS.decrypt for the service account email used by my cloud functions.


These kind of long and probably error prone procedures are exactly what Google should make simple, fast and easy.
Back to Netlify for me.

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