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Discussion on: What your GitHub readme look like?

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Giorgos Sarigiannidis • Edited on

I thought about adding some cover graphic but then I realized that I had to design it first. So, I stopped thinking and kept it minimal-ish :P

Hi, I'm Giorgos. I hold a Masters degree in Cultural Policy, Management and Communication and a Bachelors degree in Communication, Media and Culture, both from Panteion University of Athens, Greece.

After working for a while as a journalist, I became a consultant specialized in Information Architecture of websites, portals and web applications. Over the last few years I turned almost exclusively to programming (self-taught, don't ask how, I'm not sure I have a short answer to that), and I mostly develop websites, themes and plugins for WordPress.


Assets to enqueues Converter
A simple generator which allows you to batch convert JavaScript and CSS assets to proper WordPress enqueues.

Deployment checklist for WordPress sites
A detailed checklist that will help you remember all the various tasks that need to be done before going live.