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How to deploy Netlify

Gustavo Scarpim
Front End Developer
Updated on ・2 min read

Heeeeey guys, quick tip for those of you who need to deploy your app, there are several ways to deploy your app for free, but what I like the most is Netlify because it's so simple and fast:

1- Once logged in, click on

New site from Git

to be able to choose which site you want to upload:
Alt Text

2- Choose where your code is stored:
Alt Text

3- Choose your repository (GitHub):
Alt Text

4- He will ask to set up your build information inBase directory you must put the path to your main page,, Build command this is where you put the command that will generate your project build, I always put it CI= npm run build

CI = <b>CI</b> means continuous integration

Alt Text

5- If everything is ok, it will show this page saying that your application was successfully uploaded.
To change your domain name, click on Domain settings:
Alt Text

6- Click Add custom domain to place a domain you have purchased or click Edit site name to change only the Netlify domain name:
Alt Text

And voila, your application is already online and 100% free.

Alt Text

Thanks for reading.

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