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Discussion on: My first impressions of Rust

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You compared Rust and Go with the likes of JS, Java, others. I'm curious, would they also make for good replacements as a web server-side language in the place of PHP as an example? Or are they meant for some other purposes like AI or games or data manipulation or something?

It would be nice if you left a very general thought about where using the language would make the most sense. i.e. "If I were building an X, Go would be a great choice."

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Deepu K Sasidharan Author

I did touch upon that in my other post about Go. But I do have plans to write a post covering multiple languages that I have used in my career where I could atleast highlight why I think certain language fits well for certain usecases. But that post would need some hard work as I need substanciate with usecases and benchmark to keep it fair. Keep tuned.