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Introductory Post

himanshugoyal1065 profile image Himanshu Goyal ・2 min read

Welcome to my blog post.

In this post, I'll introduce myself and help the folks reading this to better understand me.

Hello all, I'm Himanshu Goyal from India.

My actual journey with software began with a simple "Hello World!" program which I wrote while starting Computer Science and Engineering as my undergrad degree. Now, it's been approx 7 years and I can say that I have fallen in love with the software world.

My skills and work experience in respective are as follows :
Java - 3 years
Spring Boot - 3 years
Git - 2 years
Spark - 1/2 year
GCP - 1/2 years
Reactjs - 1/2 years

I have approx 3 years of work experience which started for working with Navis LLC, a software company that makes logistic software focusing on shipping terminals. I have experience in building products with team ownership and individual ownership as well.

Currently, I'm working for PayPal. Being the fathom of the payment industry, I have exposure to working in bigger teams and managing time across the globe. I have worked on various technologies ranging from backend technologies, big data technologies, and frontend technologies like Reactjs. In PayPal, I have responsibilities to deliver projects as a team member and also individually.

Apart from this, I have created some side projects of which I am proud of creating a back-end for a website ground-up.

I have contributed to open source as well for Exercism and SpoutBreeze.

When the pandemic hit, I understood the freedom and the power of working remotely, eliminating the barrier of discrimination, and providing immense opportunities to everyone with the right skillset and mindset.

I have a quick learning potential for technologies and a keen eye for detail.

I have gone through the profile of Jonathan Sterling which seems very inspiring and motivating.


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