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Discussion on: How to Build Good Habits and Excel as a Junior Developer

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Himujjal Upadhyaya

That's a really good insight on personality trends and likewise. Really appreciate the way you wrote these stuff.

Variability and effort on the practice of programming goes a long way. different types of projects combined with work effort.

I think that's all it takes to become better developer. A lot of my mind opened up when I started working on EKON - JSON alternative which I decided to write in C instead of another "slower + abstracted away" language. This opened me up to the problem of how programming languages work in general. On why OOP is awesome. On why abstraction is awesome until its not. Just a few examples. There are many more.

It felt like suddenly I jumped levels in terms of my programming ability.

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J3ffJessie Author

Definitely. Putting in effort every day will help you get further along the journey. Thank for you commenting.