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Discussion on: Falling in love with Gatsby all over again

hurricaneinteractive profile image Author

If you have a app that only has private routes then this approach is overkill.
Although it really isn't that different to a 'regular react app'. You'll still be using a client side routing solution, you'll still need a auth service and you'll still be populating data from an API.

Where this becomes really powerful is when you have a client with, for example, a WordPress site and Shopify. You can then use these two sources to generate a static site with both the shops items and general content. The site will be super fast and SEO friendly. Then you can utilise Shopify' services to process the purchases etc. Also if they have protected content on WordPress, you can use WordPress as the auth service to serve the private content to the users.

This definitely has a specific use case and probably won't suit every project.