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What is Cmus-analytics?

A small web application for data visualization extracted from a Cmus log file. Click on the example link and then import it.You will see something like this:

Alt Text

How can I get a Cmus log file?

Cmus is a very powerful music player with a lot possibilities. One of them is using a hook script for actions when the player status changes. With this script, you can create your own Cmus log file.

How do I set the script in Cmus?

First, you will have to modify the script (the one in the tools folder) in order to make it work in your computer. Change the path of the log file.

if [[ "$is_playing" = true ]] && [[ "$is_logging" = true ]]
    echo $entry >> {path_to_the_log_file}

In Cmus use

:set status_display_program {path_to_the_script}

Can I use this code somehow?

Yes, of course! Please be so kind to do it. This application has been developed as a learning project of the Elm programing language. It also uses this awesome Elm linear charts library.

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