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Seven problems nuxtjs resloved

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Have you thinks about nuxtjs resloved what problems ? we know that nuxtjs are awsome farmwork to write less and do more things automaic.

Likes you can create file in pages directory nuxtjs will generate router for you. also you can create file in store directory nuxtjs will create namespace store for you when you use vuex.

Easy to use and organization you code logic in nuxtjs also best developer experience. i have got seven point the nuxtjs resloved for us from official webstie.

Building from scratch is difficult ?

Nuxtjs help us intelligent vuex, vue-router, vue-meta you just need run command npx create-nuxt-app <project-name> the full project necessary file and config will create for you.

No standard folder structure ?

Write project with vuejs and whitout farmwork not easy if you want to use vuex ,vue-router, vue-meta etc. organization the file structure by self is repetitived and cumbersome. Nuxtjs can reslove it you can create file in pages directory will genreate route automaic. create file in store will create vuex store with namespace for you.

Routing config can get lengthy ?

Use vue-router you can custom you route one by one, it's ok when you project are small or simple. when you have big project and more and more page should defined in router. have you thinks use script to generate route config? Nuxtjs resloved this problem, all you need is just create page you want in Nuxtjs pages directory.

No strandard way to configure ?

All configure file and configuration will defined and config in nuxt.config.js all you need care about just one file. all intelligent module will worker.

Not SEO firendly ?

Nuxtjs use vue-meta generate SEO content info, you just need config less and more things Nuxtjs will do.

Vue apps can load slowly ?

If you use Nuxtjs with universal mode you can prerender page content with html, so that your user can fetch the page content quickly. which mean's you can use universal mode to open SSR mechanism

Difficult to change behavior ?

You can extend Nuxtjs farmwork functaion with nuxt modules , modules can write hight level funcation to you use nuxtjs core.

Hopt it can help you :)

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