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6 Tips to Save Money on Hosting Plan Renewal

Muhammad Imran
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For some of the businesses and online corporations, it is a habit to save money over assets that are bought or renewed, and this without any doubt is a pretty good profit-making strategy too.

However, for the customers of a particular service, saved money is as good as the money that we earnt, so we should be hysteric over the choices we make in pursuit of saving us some bucks.

If you are in a fix of renewing your web hosting and too worked up to spend the same hefty columns of money that you did for the first time, then you have landed over the right article.

Here, we will help you save as much and wisely as we can over the web hosting renewal and domain new purchase. So, without further ado let’s get right into it;

1. Ask for a free domain from hosting provider

If your hosting package with a dedicated provider is over and you are desperately looking for some options that can save you some money over the renewal process, then you should carefully read what's about to come. Some hosting providers such as BlueHost and InMotionHosting provide a free domain name for first year.

This means that the provider is offering you a free domain name with the hosting package. Now, this is some deal that doesn't strike very often, you can keep your own domain name but shift to this new domain provider which is offering it for free.

This will save you a true sum of money, which you couldn't be able to make or save while renewing your business with the same provider. The above-mentioned providers are only intended for the sake of example, you can choose whoever is offering you free domain name and hosting plans that meet your expectations.

2. Transfer your current domain to a new domain provider

The domain business is always about attracting new customers and for this sake, the domain providers attach or throw lucrative offers into the mix. For example, if you have completed your hosting tenure with company A and now want to move it to company B, then during this exchange renewal you will be able to save somewhat around 40% of your expenses.

You wouldn't be able to save as much going with company A for the renewal of the web hosting package as much as you could save shifting your interests with company B.

This idea works because a lot of web hosting companies are offering exciting offers to attract new customers and this is where you can save yourself a quite lot of money as well. The same can be done again once you are done with company B and finding yourself a company C.

3. Utilizing the maximum offer deal days

The Internet has brought revolution right onto our doorsteps and this is what we can use to our advantage. On account of black Friday and Cyber Monday sales you can buy internet property at cheap and fordable prices and this is as good a time as any to renew your web hosting package or domain.

These days you can save a lot of money and grab yourself some extra discounts on the way as well. Web hosting companies and domain providers are also willing to let the price factor slide a little if you can make a maximum number of offers to these companies or buying various domains from them at the same time.

4. Save money by using coupons

For people like you who are fed up paying high columns of money to the web hosting services and never getting a discount can sometimes gain the advantage of the coupon codes. These are the digital codes that are offered by the same companies and can be used to work out a discount between the user and the company.

You can also find these coupon codes by doing some research on Google. May companies still to this data offer their customers the usage of the coupon codes and saving them about 30-40% of the money in discount form when they are ready to renew their current hosting plan.

5. Choose longer tenures for your current hosting plan

There are many companies like DigitalOcean that offers hourly and monthly billing to help customers save on billing. You can optin for them instead of going with a long term contract. Mostly cloud hosting providers offer on the go or hourly/monthly billing systems, so if you're familiar with cloud servers, then go with them for affordable plans. For example, Vultr is a top alternative to DigitalOcean servers for the cheapest hourly web hosting for your websites.

Some web hosting companies demand higher renewal prices than the actual price of the package that you have initially bought. That’s very troubling especially for the startup businesses as they can hardly make both ends meet.

So, what should you do here?

Well, for starters you can choose long tenures for your existing or initial plan to save yourself some handsome amount over the hosting renewals. If it is too late for you to do on the current hosting channel then you can try this system out with the next one of your choice.

But remember that after the tenure ends and it is time to renew the company might inflict their actual renewal fee of that time instead of facilitating you with the old fee that you used to pay for your current package for which your tenure has come to an end.

Always choose a hosting plan for almost 2-3 years if you really do want to save yourself some generous amount of money in the process. Keep in mind, if you're working on a short term project then always choose a monthly web hosting plan to avoid big spending.

6. Asking hosting provider for a discount

This might be the oldest but genuine and heartfelt trick in the book, if nothing else works and you can’t pay up what the provider is demanding then it is recommended that you ask the provider for a discount and out of surprise you might as well get it.

Most of the web hosting providers can’t afford to lose one of their customers so it might that they work out some kind of deal with you to retain you as their customer. This is one of the most accurate and actually working systems to save some money during the renewal process. As it happens, you can eventually work out a stable deal with the company and continue paying that sum to carry on your partnership with them for longer and effective terms.


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