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I just converted a client from sitecore over to:

Contentful for headless CMS,
Netlify for deployment and hosting,
Gitlab for code repository and version control,
Algolia for site wide search engine,
React front end framework,
Gatsby for build and compilation.

They have been astounded by the performance and I've got to say I'm fully on board with jam.

Oh and this is a Bank! So very cool that they are open to trying this.


Nice, I want to use do something like that with AWS next.

AppSync for headless CMS
S3 + CloudFront for deployment and hosting
CodeCommit for code repository and version control
Elastic Search Service for site wide search engine

Probably also with React and Gatsby as frontend.


Nice that's awesome mind sharing the link?


Ooh this is interesting. Bravo!

I'd love to hear more about this project. Especially since it can be difficult to persuade a bank to publish anything on a platform outside of what they have been provisioning for years and years.

Any possibility of sharing any more info on this?

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