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re: Really good talk! I also think that we as an Industry accept technical depot to easy Like it is a given that we need to have technical dept to mo...

Thank you! I learned a lot from making the talk and I enjoyed it.

I also learned a bit from watching myself. Sadly, I cut out material for length, then went decently short. I could have included at least 5 more slides on misc. content.

The issues with slide advancement also messed with my early cadence and caused me to watch the screen more than I otherwise would have (I was giving the talk in practice without seeing the screen at all). I possibly need to up my energy / range for it to carry in a large room as well.

Good learning experience for me all ways around, and I'm glad you enjoyed the talk.


I have no issues with the talk :)

I was astouned that it was your first one :)

Without you saying it I would not have guest it :)

Yeah, I kept that for the end on purpose.

I submitted this talk to the local Stir Trek conference in May so hopefully it gets selected and I get to refine and expand it!

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