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Conference Talk: Technical Debt Must Die

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My talk at CodeMash 2020 is now LIVE on Pluralsight and will be perpetually free to view, even without a subscription and outside of free weekends.

I’ve written previously about my process in practicing for the talk, and most of everything I wrote on KillAllDefects.com last fall was a direct result of preparing for this talk.

Overall, it’s a dream come true and a bucket list item checked to be hosted on a platform like Pluralsight. It’s also extremely helpful for me to study my first conference talk and see what I can improve on, because there are many things left to improve and I want to do the best job I can.

Check out the course and I hope you enjoy it and benefit from it.

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Really good talk!

I also think that we as an Industry accept technical depot to easy

Like it is a given that we need to have technical dept to move forward.

Good to see effort to educate also non technical people that technical dept is something we need to deal with.


Thank you! I learned a lot from making the talk and I enjoyed it.

I also learned a bit from watching myself. Sadly, I cut out material for length, then went decently short. I could have included at least 5 more slides on misc. content.

The issues with slide advancement also messed with my early cadence and caused me to watch the screen more than I otherwise would have (I was giving the talk in practice without seeing the screen at all). I possibly need to up my energy / range for it to carry in a large room as well.

Good learning experience for me all ways around, and I'm glad you enjoyed the talk.


I have no issues with the talk :)

I was astouned that it was your first one :)

Without you saying it I would not have guest it :)

Yeah, I kept that for the end on purpose.

I submitted this talk to the local Stir Trek conference in May so hopefully it gets selected and I get to refine and expand it!