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Don't use comments. Instead try to name your functions and variables better.

Comments are perfectly fine if they're doing their job correctly. They should focus on why it was done this way rather than what it does.

Bad code and bad comment:

var t = .24; // tax rate

Good code and good comment:

var taxRate = .24; // tax rate as per the 2018 tax code

The comment expresses that the hardcoded value was set to that, which helps a new developer or future you know why at a glance. They can be more helpful if I actually used functionality as an example rather than variable initialization, but it gets the gist across.


I was reported a wrong result from our accountant. I checked the code: it seems than taxRate has a wrong value, but the comment says it is the tax rate as per the 2018 tax code. I checked on the internet and found that .24 was the tax rate as per the 2017 tax code, the tax rate as per the 2018 tax code is .25. Comment were source of noise.

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