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I have been coding almost for 4 or 5 years long, but always when I start learning a new language, video tutorials come to the first place to start. If those kind of learning materials are not available, I try to look for another documented stuff on the internet.

Some guys recommend reading books on programming, frameworks, but IMAO books are always going to be outdated after several years, so it could be waste of money. Plus, recent technologies have up-to-date documents on the internet in their official website or something like that, so the materials scattered on the internet, particularly video tutorials are the best ways for learning something new at first for me.

After grasping the core concept and syntax of the language or framework, with these technologies I will make my own small product like TODO app, SNS-like app, or something that has basic functionality and publish it on Github or Heroku. It is always important to take advantage of my own knowledge to understand what I need to learn next in addition. This process helps you find some ambiguous points in your knowledge.

Using the knowledge after learning it is the most important methodology.

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