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Discussion on: How To Protect Your Eyes As a Software Developer

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Jack77773 • Edited

Valuable information that I should keep in mind. I work so hard next to a computer that I'm afraid of losing my vision. My grandpa lost, and when thinking about it, I remember my discussion with him. His vision loss is due to Elmiron, a drug that is used to treat bladder discomfort. My grandpa took it for a while, and now he can't see properly. It took two years to find out the reason for his loss of vision. I have discovered on this team. I asked my grandpa about her previous medicine, about other health problems, we consulted with the lawyers from Drug watcher, and the result was the same. This fucking Elmiron took my grandpa's vision. Guys, take care of yourself and your health. Consult twice the doctor and two more doctors before taking some drugs.