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How to resolve your Facebook Messenger not working problem?

Facebook Messenger has become a tremendous messaging service connecting people across the globe. The messenger service of Facebook allows users to send messages, and exchange photos, videos, stickers, audios, voice or video calls, etc. But Facebook Messenger has its own set of problems that can hinder your Facebook Messenger account's smooth functioning. If you are getting a connection failure or any other error on your Facebook Messenger, you will not be able to connect with your Messenger contacts. To know more on why is my Facebook Messenger not working and the fixes, you should consider reading the post given below:

What are a few common Facebook Messenger problems?

  1. Unable to log in to the Facebook Messenger
  2. Problem while sending or receiving Facebook messages.
  3. The disappearance of messages from Messenger.
  4. Facebook Messenger is crashing on Android.
  5. Unable to receive Facebook Messenger notifications.

Check out some useful pointers given below to fix the Facebook Messenger issues.

How to fix your Facebook Messenger issues?

1. Checking your network connection

The Facebook Messenger unable to connect problem is often due to the network connection issue. Facebook Messenger users can check the network connection's status on the device they are using to access Facebook Messenger. If the internet signal is weak, you need to connect to your ISP.

2. Resetting the network settings

The iPhone users can reset their network settings by visiting the Settings section of their iPhone. Enter the passcode correctly and click on the Reset Network Settings option to reset your Facebook Messenger settings on your iPhone.

3. Force stopping and restarting the Facebook Messenger

To perform this procedure, Facebook users need not know how does Facebook Messenger work. Force stopping and restarting Messenger is a simple process. iPhone users should double-click the Home button to boot the App Switcher. Swipe up the Messenger card to force shut the Messenger. The method may vary for different iPhone versions.

Android phone users should go the Applications menu under the Settings option and click on the Manage Application icon. Scroll down to find and select Messenger. Click on the Force Stop button to force stop the application.

4. Rebooting the device

There may be some small glitches on your phone, resulting in Facebook Messenger not connecting issues. Hence, you should reboot your phone. Restarting your phone is a simple operation and can help in fixing the minor problems on your phone. Hold down your phone’s Power button to switch off your iPhone or Android phone. You must wait for a few minutes before turning it back on. Now, check if your Facebook Messenger is working fine.

5. Clearing your phone’s cache and data

You can also fix the issue of “why is my Facebook Messenger not working” by clearing the cache and browsing your mobile device's data. The cached data on your phone takes up a lot of storage space resulting in application problems for apps like Facebook Messenger. Clear this cache data immediately from your phone.

6. Updating/Reinstalling the Messenger

Bugs on your Facebook Messenger might result in the crashing of your Facebook Messenger app. In this case, update or reinstall your Facebook Messenger application on your phone to remove the bug. A new application version can help remove the existing bugs of the old version and bring new features to your app. You can update your Facebook Messenger from the App Store of the iPhone or Google Play Store of your Android phone.

If you are still unable to fix any Facebook Messenger issue, you should get in touch with our Facebook Messenger techies.

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