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[Prototype] MVC Multi-Sided Auction Platform

The Egyptian market has witnessed a huge growth in the e-commerce field during the last few years, many platforms are growing with different business models but all these platforms were mainly working on retail business model which was good step for the stores to be able to post their products and expands their market through online platforms but on the other side normal people were not able to sell their products or used items and this gap also we filled by a couple of platforms that made anyone able to sell and buy anything online but it came with a very primitive business model that just connects the two sides together without any contribution to the sales process itself, which always put’s a huge risks such as scam and fraud including many stuff that affected many customers already and put’s their life in danger because of the ungoverned process of selling any products.

The goal of the project is to develop a unique platform that combines the features of any e-commerce website and adding the auction option which will allow everyone to post and sell almost anything in a way that ensure transparency and customer safety.

Link to Code

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Auction Platform - Graduation Project

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About Laravel

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Learning Laravel

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How I built it

Easy Market is a web-based application that provides online auction and retail service using the multi-sided platforms concept, the whole process of creating the website followed the Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) which involve the known technical activities; requirements analysis, Design, Implementation and Testing. The implementation of the system will be using the MVC ( Model – View – Controller) design pattern using PHP, JavaScript, HTML and CSS as basic technologies to build the platform, Also Laravel 6 framework will be used for the backend of website and Vue.js and bootstrap will be used in the front-end to ensure that the website will be written in a clean code without redundancy and make it easier to scale up in the future.

Additional Thoughts

The motivation for doing such project is mainly the challenge of building a project from the scratch by myself completely and the excitement of learning new skills and implementing what I have studied for the past three years. As also I believe that such project will have good contribution to the market and it will fill a huge gap that exists now

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