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Github Actions Challenge 2021

My Workflow

My workflow is for deploying my side project to vercel and linting the website and the server whenever I push code to my github repo

Submission Category:

DIY deployments

Yaml File or Link to Code

GitHub logo japrozs / spam

A website to publish your thoughts to other people's inboxes

Spam - a new way to publish your thoughts to other people inboxes


Pass is an app that helps you find something to do when you're feeling bored. Just create an account, find an event and join millions of other people like you.

Folder structure

Folder Description
dodge The web app built with next.js
nissan The graphQL server built with express
scripts Scripts regarding deployment and docker config.
.github Github settings config. (eg. CODEOWNERS)
.vscode Project settings for VSCode

How to start the app

To run the app, follow the steps given below:

git clone
cd spam
cd nissan
yarn install
yarn watch
# create a new terminal window and type
cd nissan
yarn dev
# create a new terminal window and type
cd dodge
yarn dev
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Change the environment variables

After these commands, the app will run on localhost:3000/

Additional Resources / Info

I used benawad's video on github actions to learn about actions and workflows

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