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I drink green tea and i try not to eat to much sugar.


Tbh, sugar is my stress relief. So.. why you are avoid sugar here? Is it something related to bio science? Thanks!


Sugar breaks your focus. Have you ever had a heavy carbohydrate meal for lunch? Then you feel tired and your body begins to lower its performance level to digest and convert the food into energy (sugar).

If you cannot keep the sugar level constant, you will produce too much insulin and your body will go limp. you also provoke to get diabetes and that makes the whole thing 10x worse.

too much sugar unfortunately makes you stupid. I would look for other alternatives to deal with stress instead of a sugar high


for me when I'm really nodding off I just try for a nap. Not possible in all offices but as a remote worker, if my body is ready to fall asleep I say go for it.


Pushups. Pullups. Stretch.

Being bored is a great time to focus on physical fitness. Even a stretch break is a great idea. If have a pull up bar, hanging from that bar for 60 seconds is a game changer too!


I take a shower if I'm working remote. Otherwise I take a walk, talk with some colleagues or go drink something.


I go to youtube and watch some random videos (very likely to spend a full hour on it), stand up and flex my shoulders and backbone a little bit.


For me, I usually take a nap (if possible), or else listen to music while walking, Music takes away all the tiredness and stress out of me.

What do you do, Jason


I usually make a cup of tea and listen to music until I'm finished drinking it.


I'd do this just after getting out of bed lol


I use coffee for every stress. I just have found no better medicine.

Not exactly healthy, but maybe better than tobacco...

And sometimes after coffee, I sleep to ease of palpitations.