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Feedback Requested

Although i joined almost a year ago this is my first post.
I also have never published any of my own work on the web, nor have i solicited feedback from a forum for a project.

A lot of firsts for me today.

Last fall near where i live there was a call for Artists proposals for a local festival called Blink. It's an inter-active light festival that runs for three nights in a city near where i live. I attended the last festival (2017) and was very impressed, the life sized lite-bright installation was super cool. Here's a link to the festival

Being interested in participating, i put together a proposal to use AI based text interpretation to provide the participants of the festival a way to project an image of their own.

The concept seems pretty straight forward: use a webservice to interact with festival attendees to capture their experience and translate that experience into an image using AI based text analysis tools. The user would then have several images to choose from, pick one and it would be projected onto the side of building for a period of time. I chose to use unsplash api for the image service.

Alas, the proposal was not accepted and now i have a demo site running that i'm not sure what to do with. I did not get to fully develop the AI features on the site. i had a lot of work to do there, mostly centered around developing the functions to deal with selecting the relevancy score of an image.

The site was developed using node, express for the backend and Vue & Quasar for the front end. This may become the subject of another post(i'm not sure if i can be that brave). I have a leftover domain from another abandoned project that i recycled for the purposes of the application, you view the site here:

This is such a bare bones start to a project, that had a really unique purpose that i cant consider it from a different view point anymore. Any feedback would be considered helpful.


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