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Remote working: team and company culture

jdavidhermoso profile image Juan David Hermoso ・2 min read

Many companies had to move remote this year 2020 due to the COVID pandemic.
But remote working is not just picking up your computer and going somewhere other than the office.
In my humble opinion, and after years of remote working, it's not as easy as that.

I'm not talking about work from home, but about the concept of remote working:
Distributed teams across the world, different languages, cultures, timezones, work schedules, etc.

Remote working should imply a communication skills learning process.

The following are some of the things anyone working remotely should take into account:

  • Communication is asynchronous, especially when team members work at a different timezone than yours. It implies the team should be organized to reduce dependencies or to tackle these time gaps.

  • Meetings should be scheduled if the topic to discuss is not urgent:
    Attendants will be able to prepare the meetings, reading the topics to talk about, investigate, find out if someone else should attend, etc. in advance.

  • Meetings, especially daily updates, should have a fixed duration and shouldn't be exceeded. Otherwise, it's difficult to focus on the topic of the meeting.

  • Reading and learning about the culture and the country of your teammates is a good idea: You will be able to understand better your teammates. And it always leads to a better, more inclusive, and diverse team.

  • Physical meetings, team buildings, etc. are important to create a great company culture and to keep the teams joint.
    (I know We are in a global pandemic, so this one cannot be applied now)

  • A quick call is a much better idea than writing 15 comments in a pull request or a chat conversation.
    And by the way, the tone of a written message is easier to be misunderstood.

Again, that's just my opinion and my experience.


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