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Squashing Bugs: A JS Skill

This last week has been a trying one. Fresh out of the javascript section I found myself heading into project week and not feeling secure in my knowledge of js, especially enough to create a project.

Much like with my time in ruby I ended this project week with a new friend in the provided debugger. Debugger is a tool in JS that is usable by all browsers. It allows one to “pause the flow of code”. With this nifty tool you can view the path that your code follows(totally dependent of how many you throw into your code). About three days into project week I found myself using it more and more to troubleshoot the many issues that were plaguing my application. It came in handy when I found myself hitting wall after wall struggling to make progress. Being able to follow the breakpoints of the debuggers I had placed in my code allowed me a new sense of vision. One could think of it as a way to read between the lines. Going forward into the new section I plan to make use of this tool much more.

JavaScript was probably my most challenging section yet, but thanks to determination and debugger, I’m able to say that Ive made it through this project.

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