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Jonathan Cohen
Jonathan Cohen

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Why did I decide to learn software engineering?

I wanted to give myself a chance to have a better life and to be better in life. Most of the jobs that I’ve held have been simple, no brainer jobs that result in easy money, but lack incredibly in the area of being fulfilling. A few months ago I decided that I wanted to change that. After a heart to hearts with my wife and a close friend, I decided to pull the trigger and give myself a shot at actually applying the potential that I finally realized was inside me.

I googled for a few days about coding and the possibilities that come from developing this skill and ended up on FlatIron’s homepage. Since applying, I’ve been working hard on the bootcamp prep course to familiarize myself with what exactly we will be learning. I’ve learned so much from the free course and I’m interested in what I’m going to learn within this time at flatiron.

I feel as if the winding road of life has led me back to the doorstep of coding/software engineering. At one point in my life, I was juggling with the idea of going to a bootcamp located near a town that I was living in. I decided to not go due to lack of money, and also confidence in myself. The title of software engineer seemed like something only a genius was capable of holding and at that point in my life, I felt less than capable of making that a reality for myself. 4 years later I’m equipped with a new look on life and growing confidence to take on challenges as they present themselves. Currently, I’m looking forward to what I will learn and the skills that will develop from all the work and practice that’s expected of me.

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