re: What is that one tool/stack/framework that you have no interest with despite the popularity? VIEW POST


Just like anything else, Docker is a tool for specific purposes. If you're writing static sites you're going to deploy to a CDN then Docker is useless, but if you're writing apps then it's a great tool to get guaranteed similar behavior across architectures.

I'm personally not sold on React. If I have to pick all my pieces, why am I using a framework? Again, it's not for everyone and not for every project. I know, create-react-app.. how is that different than just using Angular which is preconfigured with all the things to make a production app? The "benefit" of React is the ability to change all the things, so why start with a subpar auto configuration? If you're doing that, use a full framework.

But to each his own. If you like spending all your time on Stack Overflow, go for it!

That's not to say Angular is the best. Vue is nice and relatively simple. Vanilla JS is great, too. You might not need a tool at all.

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