How I Configure Slack for Productivity and Sanity

Jess Lee on December 07, 2017

While Slack is meant to make people's working lives simpler, more pleasant, and more can easily to do the exact opposite. I'm par... [Read Full]
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Great article, and I'm very proud to be shouted-out as another "productivity nerd."

I'll add two quick tips:

  • (⌘ + K) will do the same thing as (⌘ + T). For whatever reason, I find that hotkey combo slightly more "ergonomic."
  • As Jess mentioned, I set a ton of reminds, such as: /remind me to look at the attendee list for tonight at 530pm /remind me about Dev Discuss every Tuesday at 9pm
  • make use of the native "status" feature when going heads-down. When I toggle on the 👽 emoji, the team knows they'll have to DM me for a response

Definitely curious to see any other Slack tips that people use.


I know the reason you (and I) like CMD+K. K is on the home row.


Not just the home row, but one of the vim navigation keys!


Thank you for the tips about limiting what's visible in the sidebar. I agree about limiting what you see as a way to preserve mental energy - when we see something, we either waste energy reading through it or resisting the urge to read through it. Limiting what we see is the best way to avoid this.

It's also why I often use the "SelfControl" app at work to block distracting sites like Twitter and Youtube. Makes it impossible to view them, on the actual sites or even embedded, and there's no way to circumvent it (that I know of anyway).


I'm a big believer of Do Not Disturb. Slack and meetings make it quite tricky to be attentive and focused so I made this Workflow script to snooze Slack till my next meeting is over.


Speaking of Slack configuration - does anyone know how to disable notifications on direct messages from a bot?

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